Close Distance

I have a little fuck buddy and I love her dearly, this has been going on for many moons. We love this type of relationship because we live our life how we want and do not have to answer to anyone. It is also pretty cool because we only live about 2 miles from each other so that makes it very easy to see each other at the spur of the moment. We met at a club years ago and it has been the same ever since.

Neither one of us want a relationship and we like to have our own space, I never see us moving in with each other. We also have other multiple partners and it is great because there is never any jealous situations. I can talk to her when I am down and we know everything about each other. I hope that this friendship never ends because I would really be hurt!

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A Wild Imagination

I was watching a movie last night with my youngest son who just turned twelve and he kept interrupting the movie with out of the world questions. It all started with how he could get a girlfriend and ended with who Surrey escorts were. Apparently he had heard a classmates father discussing the agency with a friend when he was picking up his child from school. I wasn’t really sure what to say to any of these questions, so I kept telling him to ask his mother. But, unfortunately that did not cut it. The questions kept on coming and I kept ignoring them as I did not want to lead him in the wrong direction. His mother is particular about what he knows and I am not sure if all of this needs to be put into his head yet. Everyone knows how wild a little boys imagination can be, so if I say one wrong thing, it could turn into something completely different and much more ridiculous that what it started out as.

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I should have known

I started to wonder why my husband ran out for milk, bread, eggs and an assortment of other grocery items in the evenings after he got home from work. I stay at home and take care of the children, and we generally have plenty of food around the house. He seemed to feel the need to head out about once per week. I never thought much of it, mainly because it got him out of the house and away from me. I knew our intimacy was non-existent and I honestly did not care to work on such problems as he and I were already talking about divorce. Guess I am glad he found Surrey escort agency because it helped keep him away from me. So believe it or not, I am glad he found a hobby away from me. This will help him become independent and confident which in all will make me happy.

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